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History of Akaram AGFrom trading company to market leader in the field of technical fabrics.

1979: Company founded in Zug, Switzerland on 29 May 1979.

From 1980: Trade and manufacture of plastic conveyor belts, mainly in Scandinavia. Joint production with a Spanish partner (now the largest supplier of the Ammeraal-Verseidag-Beltech Group).

From 1985: Conveyor belt production begins in Switzerland (3 people)
Acquisition of the exclusive manufacturing and distribution rights to CONTI BAKE™ Belts for the baking industry

JowaFrom 1986: 1. JOWA contract, delivery of CONTI BAKE™ belts with plastic spirals for knife edges for JOWA-Switzerland, Carouge, Mecatherm tables. JOWA then specified for their new facilities to feature Akaram’s CONTI BAKE™ belts.

From 1988: Manufacture of the CONTI BAKE™ bakery belts begins in Sursee. Development of new belts specially for JOWA and DAUB facilities.

From 1990: Delivery to JOWA of the first multiple proofer line with Akaram belts and fabrics. Swiss production begins for proofing fabrics (sewing and manufacturing)
Development cooperation for CONTI BAKE™ in new plants with:

  • Winkler, Villingen (Germany)
  • Werner & Pfleiderer (Germany, Austria and Holland)
  • König, Graz (Austria)
  • Kemper, Rietberg-Neuenkirchen (Germany)

Delivery of proofing tunnel belts to Scandinavia, Holland, Austria, South Africa, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Germany, Switzerland, etc..

coopCOOP Schweiz mostly uses Akaram belts and fabrics for its bakery facilities.

From 1991: Expanding the range of production to include departments for textiles and replacement parts for textile machines (technical fabric/endless felts and blankets). Worldwide distribution, production in Italy.

bak-tecFrom 1993: Delivery of complete proofing systems equipment to Winkler, Daub, Werner & Pfleiderer, etc. Delivery of fabrics and baskets for proofing systems (roll lines). Our clients now included all roll line and pretzel line manufacturers such as Erka, Grubelnik, Fortuna, Back-Tech, Eberhard, Pregesbauer, König, etc..

From 2000: Expansion of the sales program to include conveyor belts for textile machines and heat-resistant dryer belts for textile printing.

From 2002: Continuous worldwide expansion including the founding of a sister company in Thailand, setting up distribution partners in Turkey, India and China.

From 2007: Founding of our sister company, BRIXIA-FELTRI in Torbole in Brescia, Italy, including state-of-the-art production machinery for endless manufacturing, coating and thermo-stabilisation.

From 2012: Delivering our quality belts, fabrics and accessories in 28 countries.

Compactor felts
Compactor felts


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