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Endless felts and blankets for textile machinery

Decatising felts, shrinking sleeves & open linings

ENDLESS FELTS AND SHRINKING SLEEVES (MANCHONS) for continuous decatising machines

Endless decatising felt

  • Manufactured in endless version without any splice points
  • Only the best raw materials are processed
  • Special surface-treatment
  • Surface is impregnated to reduce contamination and infiltration of chemicals
  • Permeable to water vapour
  • Can be supplied in all dimensions

Endless shrinking sleeve / manchon

  • Up to 12% shrinking upon assembly
  • The best raw materials
  • Manufactured in endless form
  • Supplied with various thicknesses (some versions have one sleeve above the other)
  • Excellent steam and air permeability

Open linings

  • Faster changing of cover without removing the cylinder
  • Low-cost repairs
  • Made from polyester or aramid fibres
  • Protective covering on cylinder


  • Endless decatising felts for all decatising machinery
  • Various shrinking sleeves for steam and cooling cylinders