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Endless felts and blankets for textile machinery

Sanfor felts

Endless Sanfor feltsfor shrinking machines

  • Manufactured in endless version without any splice points
  • Support made from quality yarns with high tensile and tear strength
  • Surfaces are specially treated
  • Felt construction with many years’ OEM experience
  • We only use the highest quality base products
  • Supplier of OEMs worldwide
  • Felts of all thicknesses can be produced in an endless version thanks to modern production machinery
  • Can be supplied with special impregnation (PU, acrylic, silicone etc.)
  • Rubber shrink belt supplied as a package (felt and rubber belt)
Sanfor felt production
Sanfor felt production
Sanfor machinery
Sanfor machinery

Areas of application

  • All Sanfor shrinking machines
  • Carrier support for endless felt